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Collaboration is key. Without it we might as well be hermits toiling through the daily grind alone with our ideas and plans.

Get off the Grid

A contact based network keeps the conversation private and meaningful. Guidepost is for those who want total control over how their information is shared.

Add your friends to a guide or record ideas privately.

Guidepost Collaboration

Allow your friends to add others or keep the groups closed.

Guidepost Collaboration

Take your ideas further.

Ideas are best shared visually in bite size pieces.

Capture and share whiteboards instantly.

Guidepost Collaboration

Message colleagues on projects.

Guidepost Collaboration

With Guidepost sharing is more personal.

Tell a story with your photos. Transform them into photo journals.

Share your memories and messages so they endure.

Guidepost Collaboration

Your memories deserve better than a photo stream.

Guidepost Collaboration

The best way to capture and share the things that matter most.

Save and organize links to important information so you never have to search through old emails again. Share the things that matter most in a visually dynamic way with friends and colleagues.